Pictured are the legs of tattoo artist “Cindy Ray” aka Bev Robinson c. 1960s.


(Source: vintagegal)


Working a series of teacups and cookie plates. I did the cups today, lots of shapes and textures. I am going to make the plates rectangular, probably slab built and slump molded, something pretty new for me. I rarely wander away from my wheel.


Top Album Covers Week

I’m just like the little kid I drew for this week’s artwork, I love music and album covers. Especially punk album covers, flyers or gig posters… (In fact, I dedicated part of a year at uni to make a little book about DIY art in the punk scene)

Here are my favorites, not all punk related but there’s quite a few ones:

Bad Brains — Bad Brains

(Cover design by Dave Ratcage and picture by Laura Levine)

Minor Threat — Out of Step

(Cover designed by Cynthia Connolly, one of her first works when she was 19)

Pink Floyd — Wish You Were Here

(Cover designed by Hipgnosis)

Judas Priest — Screaming for Vengance 

(Cover designed by John Berg and illustrated by Doug Johnson)

Man or Astroman? — Destroy All Astromen 

(Artwork by Art Chantry)

Social Distortion — Mommy’s Little Monster 

(Cover designed by Art Morales)

Hot Water Music — A Flight and a Crash 

(Cover designed by Scott Sinclair)

Discharge — Never Again 

(Photo cover by John Heartfield named ”Peace and Fascism”)

Buzzcocks — A different kind of tension 

(Cover designed by Malcolm Garrett)

Dead Kennedys — Plastic Surgery Disasters 

(Cover designed by Winston Smith and picture “Hands” by Michael Wells)

- Viu